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American Cockroach in Resin, Periplaneta americana


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Product description

Yes, this is the same roach that we all know and love, the American Cockroach. (Periplaneta americana) This is the largest of the house-infesting roaches in North America. The American cockroach, despite its name, is not native to North America and some evidence suggested that they were introduced from Africa in the early 1600s.

This real roach specimen is embedded in crystal clear resin, allowing you to inspect every detail of this creepy-crawly bug without it scurrying up your arm. This is a great educational tool or a nice little piece for any entomology collection.

As with all bugs in resin, size shape, and positioning can vary slightly. Lucite block measures approx. 2 3/4 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide.

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Sarah Hilton
Great random gift

Bought for a gag gift, it went over great

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