Walking Stick Insect in Resin, Phasmatodea


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Product description

This weird bug is commonly called a Walking Stick, Stick Insect and sometimes even called Ghost Insects. It is easy to see where it gets its name. It belongs to the order of insects called Phasmids. Aside from Antarctica, you can find these insects on all continents around the world in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

This insects main form of protection is the simple fact that it looks exactly like a stick. A stick has been placed within the resin block as an example of just how similar the two look. The females of the genus Phryganistria is classified as the world longest insect reaching lengths of 25 inches. This piece is definitely a wonderful science and teaching aid or unique specimen for any entomology collection.

Like all insects in resin, the size positioning and coloration can vary slightly. We guarantee a quality specimen. Lucite block measures approx. 4 1/4 inches tall by 1 3/4 inches wide.

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