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Bat in Resin, Pipistrelles Bat


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The common Pipistrelle Bat is considered a micro bat. This bat can be found all over the world. Ranging from Asia, North Africa, India and the British isles. This bat has a very short muzzle, typically reddish brown fur, and a wing span of about 7 – 9 3/4 inches.

This is definitely an interesting and eye-catching piece. In the wild it is difficult to get a good look at these little nocturnal creatures. Now, every tiny detail, from all angles, can be studied up close.

Add a nice finishing touch to your preserved bat with an optional display stand. Made of clear acrylic, this stand really enhances the piece, giving it a nice viewing angle.

As with all specimens in acrylic resin, size shape and positioning can vary slightly. We guarantee a quality specimen. Lucite block measures approx. 3 inches square.

Customer Reviews

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Bat in resin?

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Julia J.
Bat in Resin

Super quick shipping and looks beautiful with my curiosities. She is smaller than I thought, but thats my bad for not checking the size.

Whisper G.W.
Bat in Resin

I bought this for my 6 year old nieces birthday - shes admires my small oddity collection every time she comes over so I started hers out for her! She loves it. Im assuming it will end up at show and tell.

Bat in Resin

I am absolutely in love with my little fella. Sooooo adorable

Bri T.
Bat in Resin

I love this little guy so much!! So cute and a perfect addition to my collection. Thank you so much!

Caitlyn M.
Quick shipping

Fabulous product. Thank you! Xx

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