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Red Lacewing Butterfly in Resin, Cethosia biblis Drury


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Product description

This beautiful butterfly in resin has amazingly intricate patterns throughout its burnt orange wings. This species is Cethosia Biblis, commonly known as the Red Lacewing butterfly. It can be found in the lush forest of the Indian subcontinent and East Asia. It’s bright coloration and markings are a warning to predators that it has a bad taste, which comes from the poisonous host plant it fed on as a caterpillar.

This is a great piece to add to your collection or to be used as a teaching aid. The perfectly clear resin makes it easy to see even the smallest of details from all angles.

Acrylic block measures approximately 3 inches square. Add a nice finishing touch to your preserved butterfly with an optional display stand. Made of clear acrylic, this stand really enhances the piece, giving it a nice viewing angle.

As with all butterflies in acrylic, size shape and coloration can slightly vary, we guarantee a quality specimen.

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Danielle Hess

Red Lacewing Butterfly in Resin, Lucite Butterfly Display, Cethosia biblis Drury

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