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3 Piece Butterfly Set, Butterflies in Resin, Brimstone, Albatross, Jezebel


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Product description

Three Piece real Butterfly in Resin Set. The crystal clear lucite really enhances all of the amazing details, making for a great educational set. These three stunning pieces make a great starter, or addition to, any entomology or butterfly collection
Set includes:

1 – Common Brimstone Butterfly (Gonepteryx Rhamni). Known for its soft yellow coloration, these butterflies are found in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

1 – Orange Albatross Butterfly (Appias Nero). Known for its vibrant orange coloration. This species inhabits northern India, and the Philippines.

1 – Red-base Jezebel Butterfly (Delias Pasithoe). Known for its lovely red and yellow color patterns. This species is especially common in Asia.

All three real butterfly pieces measure approx. 3 inches square each. As with all insects in resin, no two are the same. We guarantee you’ll receive quality specimens. The products you receive may be slightly different than the ones shown.

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