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Rabbit Skeleton in Resin, Oryctolagus cuniculus


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This real rabbit skeleton has been meticulously cleaned and whitened, allowing even the smallest of details and bones to be inspected and studied. It is encased in crystal clear resin, allowing it to be viewed and from all angles. This specimen makes for a wonderful educational tool.

This real rabbit skeleton in resin is (Oryctolagus cuniculus) the European Rabbit, or Coney. Although native to the Iberian Peninsula, it has been widely spread around the world. Because of this unnatural introduction it is considered an invasive species. This type of rabbit is well known for digging a network of burrows, called warrens, where it spends most of its time when not feeding.

As with all real skeleton specimens in resin, size, coloring, and positioning can vary. We guarantee you will receive a quality piece. Resin block measures approx. 7 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/4 inches tall.

Customer Reviews

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Rabbit skeleton in resin

I absolutely love this Rabbit and it goes perfect with my little resin oddities collection. This whole shop is great!

Looks fantastic

Thank you so much!

Quality product

Quick shipping - thanks!

Kyle B.
A gift for my wonderful lady.

She had a very dear friend pass away years ago and his spirit animal was a rabbit. Shes super into bones and stuff and wanted some of her friends bones after he passed but that didnt happen. Once I got her this I told her this was the closest I could get her to his bones. She cried and said this was the most thoughtful gift shes ever been givin. Thank you guys for providing this great memory. Im ordering from you again!

Super cool specimen

Looks great on my shelf. Thanks so much!

Rabbit skeleton in resin

Shipped out fast and the quality is great. I honestly loved the ones I got for my brother and got a little jealous that I didn't get something for myself. It's a really nice piece.

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