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Asian Swallowtail Butterfly in Resin, Papilio xuthus


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Product description

The Asian Swallowtail (Papilio xuthus,) sometimes called a Chinese Yellow Swallowtail or Xuthus swallowtail, is a sized swallowtail butterfly found in northeast Asia, southern China, Taiwan, Japan, Siberia and the Hawaiian Islands.

It mates multiple times during its life, leading to an increased genetic diversity. During it’s larvae stage, it’s main predator are ants. This butterfly is widespread and often found in urban gardens and orange orchards.

This black and white (pale yellow) butterfly makes for a lovely gift, or a pretty piece to add to your home decor. The fact that is is set in a solid block of lucite makes it also good as a scientific specimen for your entomology collection.

Lucite block measures approximately 3 inches square. Add a nice finishing touch to your preserved butterfly with an optional display stand. Made of clear acrylic, this stand really enhances the piece, giving it a nice viewing angle.

As with all real butterflies in resin, size, coloration and positioning can vary slightly.

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