Whip Scorpion in Resin, Thelyphonida


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Product description

This bizarre, wicked looking creature is a Whip Scorpion or sometimes called a Vinegaroon. (Thelyphonida) They are in the Arachnid family and have a whiplike tail. The name “vinegaroon” refers to their ability, when they feel threatened, to discharge an offensive vinegar-smelling liquid, which contains acetic acid.

Whip scorpions are carnivorous, nocturnal hunters. They feed mostly on insects but on occasion will eat worms and slugs. They are great from reducing roach and cricket populations. Vinegarroons are found in tropical areas worldwide, typically hiding in burrows or under rotting logs.

Resin block measures approximately 3 inches square. Add a nice finishing touch to your whip scorpion with an optional display stand. Made of clear acrylic, this stand really enhances the piece, giving it a nice viewing angle.

Encased in a clear resin, this specimen is an interesting addition to any arachnid or insect collection. All natural specimens in resin can vary slightly in size, positioning, and coloration. We guarantee a quality product.

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Todd H
Awesome insects

Perfect clarity resin, and most importantly odd

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